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Thanks for the feedback!

Friends who care, share! They tell you in a nice way when something about you is a little off-centre or not quite right. The best friends of all really take you to task over bad habits.

One friend of mine even went so far as to mimic me so that I could hear how I sounded when I swore. Yes I used to swear a lot!

In the beginning I went through stages: First I said “I don't swear that much!” He recounted all the times I swore that day! Huff huff! I said, “that person was a real beep beep, they made me so angry by acting like a beep beep!” See you are doing it again he smugly replied. “Well” I said “growing up everyone around me swore their heads off, I was allowed to swear as a child!”

Bless my friend he'd studied a lot of books and for a young man (much younger than me) learned a thing or two.

He explained to me about Deny, Blame and Justify. I'd done all those three things.

I denied I had a problem!

I then blamed someone else,

followed by justifying my swearing behaviour.

We all do this. Don't believe me? Listen out for it. The thing is, when you stop Denying, Blaming and Justifying yourself, you start to live responsibly. You are now in control of your life rather than being a passive bystander.

It’s the difference between being a victim and someone who is a victor!

I'm not perfect, but I identify, take feedback and step by step address and fix my flaws. All behaviour can be improved upon. I look out for my own D.B.J!

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