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20/20 Vision!

20/20 Vision is a 1 minute film that is made of artworks was shown in NYC with the ARTHOUSE Gallery.

With a beautiful impactful sound track it poignantly leads you through the year the Virus plagued the world!
Music by Emmanuel Jacob.




Distortions is a short film that started out a simple self expression that has grown...

Distortions has been transformed  with a voice over so that many woman round the world are able to here its powerful message.  If you wish to screen this or any of Linda's moving images/films please contact us and we will be pleased (in most cases) to make it happen.

All versions of Distortions have English text the voice over is the voice of woman often friends of the artist who's native tongue is not english.


French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese (Brazilian) and Arabic.


There have been other short films created by Linda. 

Please visit her youtube site to view them.



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