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ART TALKS - My new book!

Updated: Nov 27, 2020


Welcome to a truly remarkable discovery: The discovery that you are creative and that this creativity that may have laid dormant or repressed in your western logical busyness, is essential to your health and wellbeing.

This is not another Personal Development book.

While most books can be read, understood and then ignored, this is a journey, an activity book using the gentle process of creativity to allow you to move at your own pace in discovering, or regaining balance in your life.

I began to notice time and time again how the photographs and other artworks that I created reflected how I was feeling. No matter how hard I tried to suppress my emotions, what I was going through always came out visually. There are some emotions I could not talk about but had to release before I could move on. Art allowed me to do that! Through the tactile use of my hands, I was able to work on things (sometimes unbeknownst to me) that were happening deep in my heart.

Art is the best listener, a faithful friend and a coach in a brush.

Join me in this entertaining and exciting adventure, not to a distant place, but to the core of your heart. The vehicle we will be taking is Art and Creativity. The creativity that you’ve always had, and can now fully engage as your confidante and coach.

Why is art so successful at getting to your psyche when counsellors and friends can’t reach it?

Art is a living metaphor, a window into your subconscious mind. Art can talk through the mists of your lingering memories. It is a diversional therapist and psychologist all in one. If you have ever done the colouring in books, you may have noticed how much they have helped. Are you now ready for the next stage? To truly clean away those cobwebs with Art’s gentle help?

I honour you for your courage, and remind you that as a fellow traveller, I’m here with you to encourage, and support. The stories I share are not only humorous events, but symbolic of the human condition.

Most importantly, it’s the spark in your soul that will guide you through and creativity is its light, its joy and it will take you through a beautiful journey full of colour and surprise. In your mind’s eye, picture yourself standing and Creativity holding out its beckoning hand wanting to lead you through a life-changing journey…

R U OK? is a sample of my new book.

Are you ok written in graffiti
©copyright Linda Riseley, All rights reserved 2019

I took this photograph in Melbourne. At the time I was sleeping on a friend’s couch. My beloved Grandmother had just passed away. I had an important solo art show coming up and truths I never knew were unravelling all around me. I was not sure how I was but inside when I saw this graffiti on a train walk way I knew the answer was a sobbing “I don’t really know!” Art can help to identify and release your emotions. To deal with them and let your heart talk when words cannot. It will unburden you so you can move through grief little by little, because suppressed emotional grief will always fight its way to be heard.

©Copyright Linda Riseley. All rights reserved 2019

This artwork was a striking example of my subconscious talking about life through art. It was created on an old analogue camera with all the manual buttons and knobs. This was a pre-digital a camera over 35 years old and still going strong. I shot one set of photographs took out the film and put it back in and shot another set of photographs. The pure chance of getting everything aligned and all the manual settings correct was so random. Yet what appears random is the artistic application of skills developed through years of practice. Truths will reveal themselves no matter how well hidden. Shine the light on the shadows of the past, witness your acknowledgment to evaporate their power. Walk tall. You are not there anymore.

Repeat the wisdom of Shakespeare when you need to: “This too shall pass”.

Your Turn You will need: 1) Paper

2) Lead pencil

3) Eraser

4) Pencils - different colours

5) Markers/Texta/Felt tip pens

Draw a tree anyway you like. Don't think about it just draw. Let your hand do the work.

Draw it once or a few times.

Have a look at your tree. How does it look?

Not the drawing skill but the overall vibe?

If a friend handed you this picture and said “this is how I feel” What would you think? Would you think they were happy? Is the tree bare without leaves? A branch broken off? Is the tree hollow? Are the colours bright or dark?

So look at the tree as if it was a person and what do you see?

Now without thinking too much, grab a big fat juicy green marker and add some leaves. Lots and lots of individual leaves! Let the leaves form as

©Copyright Linda Riseley. All rights reserved 2019

positive thoughts enter your mind.

Give the tree a big strong trunk.

Put a large yellow sun in the sky.

Go ahead and add the green rolling hills. Now your picture is happy, bright and full of life.

You may find that after this exercise you feel lighter and are smiling to yourself.

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