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ART TALKS - The young and the daft!

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Everyone's got an opinion!

My first taste of travel was on a high school trip to mainland Australia: a bus full of girls leaving Tasmania to see the sights. There were a few firsts on that trip like the first time eating McDonalds, first time swimming in fresh water and the first time at the Sydney Opera house. I believe I loved Sydney then as I do now. Love at first sight! Yet in the Opera house we were made to wait and wait and wait!

All the kids lined up waiting until finally a curtain was pulled back.

A yell was heard “I can see why they cover it up!” Laughter roared out from the crowd. Yes I was an art critic of Jackson Pollock’s Blue Poles! A painting worth millions, painted by a man who was ground-breaking in his time.

I had spoken before looking at the painting, before really seeing it.

A painting I didn’t understand. I spoke before I looked or asked questions.

Now as an artist I marvel at how many times people blabber what they don't like about art.

Without taking the time to just stop and really give an artwork space.

Space and time to take in what’s in front of them.

Art is more than a photograph painted.

Ask yourselves next time you view art, how do all these squiggles or blobs make me feel? The colour the artist used, the texture of the paint. Did they paint it when they were happy or sad? Was it painted slowly or in a fast fury?

Stop the self-appointed critic. No one likes a critic. Next time you see some art/music/movie or clothing think of something nice to say about it. I'm not a fan of some types of music but I always admire the work, the talent and the intent that merged to create it.

Be a person who encourages others, because it costs very little to have an open mind, eyes and heart!

©copyright Linda Riseley, All rights reserved 2021

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The ‘Your Turn’ activity will be published in the release of my upcoming book. "Art Talks"

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